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Wherein the author of this site reviews books she’s read.

Wickedly Reviewed: Freminized by my Futa Professor (part 1) by Camila Blaire

One futanari professor needs to bend a student over her desk already, but first…

First time Feminization in Present tense

I will  start this book with a slightly tangential confession: I normally can’t read first person present tense narration. Such as, Jocelyn writes a review right now and wonders if she’s really only brainstorming. She decides to continue writing anyway. Many people enjoy the review and share it. Camila Blaire’s book Feminized by my Futa Professor, is one of the few that kept my interest. So with that silly aside out of the way, here’s the sexy book.

Get To Know Objectification

The story begins with Brian, a cis-male who seeks an independent study on the subject of Gender Studies with the infamous Dr. Courtney Kinsey. She enters in yoga pants, and still intimidates. Keeping with the theme of the story, Dr. Kinsey expects Brian to understand what it feels like to be objectified.

Yet it’s clear that Brian is ready to accept whatever stern, alternative teaching messages that Dr. Kinsey has ready for him. Even if it means accepting the slow transformation, including disorienting visions of Dr. Courtney Kinsey completely nude and showing revealing her lady dick.

Brian, finds himself changed after the first session.

Get To Know the Female Orgasm

That then, is the main kink of this story. Brain, a college aged intellectual who is curious about gender, becomes a woman. The futanari makes an appearance, and only that. She’s quite the tease for future stories, one that sets up a squeal.

In this story, we spend time with feminized Brain, who is for the first time in his life finds himself getting objectified. Furthermore, she has little to know control over his new sexual urges, including a several hour masturbation session. Is this because she’s literally just discovered what it’s like to be a woman? Or is it because Dr. Courtney Kinsey’s influence? That’s anyone’s guess.

It’s not too long until feminized Brain takes her first cock into his mouth either.

Courtney’s Feminization Plans?

The only thing I can say, is that Brian is Dr. Kinsey’s first victim or first guinea pig, depending on how you look at it. Either way Dr. Kinsey is in a detached, dominant, position relative to hapless, horny, Brian. She’s enjoyed dressing her student up, and even giving him instructions on which pronouns to use.

But she hasn’t penetrated him yet. I hope to see some of that in part 2.


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Wickedly Reviewed: Limbo Demon’s Desires by Rachel Kinsley

What’s the best cure for post college ennui? A new life as a sex worker for demons.

A Demon Takes Virginity

Rachel Kinsley’s book, Limbo: Demon Desires, is an easily readable, episodic, novella. Honestly, the structure of the book might be my favorite part. I read each hot chapter on lunch breaks over the course of about two work weeks.

The story begins with a set up we all know too well: Samantha is out of college, in a seedy city, and not sure where to go from there. Next thing, she visits a fortune teller who advises her that she’s marked and special. Maybe that explains why Samantha, despite having a high drive for sex, is a virgin.

Before long, an incubus visits Samantha, and her virginity is gone by the morning.

 Sex working and Temptations

After Samantha joins the demon brothel, she services demons of fear, sloth, greed and so on. In each sexy episode, author Rachel Kinsley adds some spicy temptation. The demons want more then sex. They want to corrupt Samantha through whichever sin they represent. Because of them, every sex scene has a layer of psychological domination in addition to Samantha’s submissive role. Does Samantha break?

Slut. Demons. Torture.

The answer comes at the story’s last scene. Without spoiling anything, sex with demons requires some serious sadism. There’s no shortage of humiliation, pain, and submission there. What I read was at least as intense as the most hardcore scenes I’ve enjoyed at  It left me exhausted to read to the end.

Naturally, I enjoyed this book. I hope you do too.

About the Author

Rachel Kinsley is an erotic author with a passion for delving into the surreal, magical, and mystical sides of sex inherent in mythology, fantasy, and science fiction. She enjoys finding ways to slip erotica into tales that already exist, as well as devising her own unconventional storylines to awaken the sexual imagination of her readers.

When not writing or contemplating delicious erotica, she creates illustrative art and indulges in her geeky addictions for video games and D and D.

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Wickedly Reviewed: Transformed by the Beast by Sally Bend

There is plenty of short erotica that has no set up and gets to the action. Reading these is like watching porn clips when you scrub past the arrival of the hunky plumber.

This is not one of those books.

Sexy Post Apocalyptic Erotica

Sally Bend’s story begins with transgender themes right from the set up. Stephen loves his partner Brandi, who is a real girl “where it counts”. Both live in a plague ridden part of the world. What disaster caused it is not mentioned. However, what is made clear is that governing powers of a church do not care for people who live in the ruins and wastelands.

Stephan has a mission: astronomical events make it possible to visit the Beast, who can cure their diseases. This sets Stephen on a journey through a mysteriously destroyed wasteland, where he encounters a tentacle monsters and sex workers. This section of the story reminded me of the Dark Tower.

Transformation Carries the Cure

The story climaxes with Stephan encountering the beast. The scene includes hucow, submission, and deliciously lewd play with cum. Yet the part I loved most about the scene was how the gender transformation worked. Sally Bend evokes surprise, confusion, and submission at nearly every line. In fact, the transformation is so fluid that one is swept up in the process and left wondering what gender the beast is to begin with. Calling the beast a futanari seems inadequate here. Maybe the beast is a complete shifter instead.

So thanks for the recommendation, Sally. I enjoyed the story.

About the Author

Sally Bend is a queer reviewer, editor, and author of LGBTQIA books. Although shy and polite (she is, after all, Canadian), she loves the bold and boisterous expression of stories that bend the binaries of gender and sexuality.

A lover of fetish futa, feminization, femdom, and fantasy, she is most content confined in a collar and corset. Oh, and she tends to have a love of alliteration, in case you haven’t noticed!

When she’s not curled up somewhere with a book and a bottle of Coke Zero, Sally can be found online at





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Wickedly Reviewed: Futanari Confession (The HuCow Futa Church 1) by Reed James

One of my personal favorite kinks is religious taboo. It’s fun to read about sex cults in action. It’s even more fun to read complete sexual desecration. Because why avoid sin? Temptations is only as delightful as the tempted is conflicted.

Wild Futanari Nuns?

Reed James’s Futanari Confessions (The Hucow Church) delivers a story of corrupted virgins with a slight dash of mind control. At first, the story begins with sisters Innocence (quite on the nose there!) and Rachel living as obedient nuns. They’re not simply virgins: Innocence finds sex inconceivable. Not even masturbation is permitted to her, even if the urge for sex isn’t going away. Because of their piety, they’re chosen to spy on a neighboring convent: one that has apparently gone pagan, and worships Aphrodite. An interesting role, since Innocence doesn’t even like to lie.

Succumbing to Hucow Lust

Yet inside the corrupted cloister, Rachel and Innocence endure the persistent sounds of lesbian sex from the confessionals. Woman after woman comes outs satiated and smelling of orgasm. Their sexuality is triggered, and the Aphordite’s nuns can’t wait to get their hands all over the visiting faithful. Innocence thinks she can resist. But instead, she suckles a futa hucow. “Drink my milk and surrender to Aphrodite’s love.”

That love is a sin that can’t be resisted. Reluctance melts away while a virginal pussy gets licked. By the end, Innocence loses hers and she has no regrets. Instead, she craves more. Finally, she reports back to her mother superior.

Turns out she learned to lie too. Innocence will go back for more, and won’t tell mother superior what’s happening to her.

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Wickedly Reviewed: Futanari Farms Mounted and Milked by Bobbi Mare


Futas make Hucows out of lost Men

When it comes to taboo futanari erotica, be careful what you wish for. This book is delightfully depraved: two lost males meet a farm full of futas. What’s the danger? First, these futas run a special kind of dairy farm. Second, lots of futa on male sex here. Third, futas can’t be resisted.

Real world coronavirus crisis, and imaginative world building from author Bobbi Mare set the stage. Futanari semen can cure anything. But it must be processed through humans with the right kind of diseases. Sounds like there might be break down in production right? There aren’t many males lining up for the position. Thankfully, these futanaris don’t need anyone to be willing.

Hapless, COVID-19 infected, males Ben and Shane are lost in the Canadian countryside, unable to return to home. They’re ‘rescued’ by a farm full of sexy futanari. Irresistible pheromones work mind control on anyone the futas encounter. Well, almost anyone. Some men can resist, and the futanari have ways around that too.

Consequently, the futas completely mind wreck one male. He submits to futanari cock in every hole. Next, his body grows milk able breasts, and they dress him up as sissy cattle. The futas milk his teets and his dick because he’s a male hucow now.

The other? It doesn’t matter that the futas can’t control his mind. They have plenty of other ways to turn him into a humiliated little piggy, and harvest the  cum they ejaculate into him.

Like I said, be careful what you wish for.

This story was hot and filthy. It’s one of the most fun 12k word reads I’ve purchased recently. Enjoy!


About the Author

Author of nasty, naughty, trashy, taboo erotica.

As a mature sissy who grew up with the Nexus, Beeline, and Reluctant Press paperbacks, and who matured through Transformation, Forced Womanhood, and the Visions of Fantasy She-Male magazines, I have a lifelong love of erotic transgender and fetish fiction.

Submissive sissies in pretty outfits and erotic bondage is my signature theme, but within my fiction you can also expect to themes of find forced feminization, breast growth and breastfeeding, oral and anal penetration, chastity and castration, butt plugs and pegging, stunning shemales and fabulous futanari, big black stallions (both literally and figuratively), pony boys and pony girls, massive cocks with huge loads, and other deviant delights.

If you are not at least 18 years old, with an open mind and an insatiable sexual curiosity, then you probably shouldn’t be reading my bio, much less my stories.

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Wickedly Reviewed: “Roommates” by Soie Minou

This is a story of an angry, isolated, futa and her new roommate Evy.

The set up towards romance flows at a great pace. Evy, the narrator, gets to know the harsh, curt, Julienne that she shares an apartment with. It is an interesting enough set up that you want to read on to find out why Julienne is anything but a people person. At the same time, it’s fun to see the surprise sexual attraction that Evy has for Julienne

I enjoyed the accidental, and entertainingly awkward, moment when Evy discovers why her roommate is always wearing baggy pajama pants.

Also, the naughty bits are quite hot.

Good read. Will read more.


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