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Wickedly Reviewed: Transformed by the Beast by Sally Bend

There is plenty of short erotica that has no set up and gets to the action. Reading these is like watching porn clips when you scrub past the arrival of the hunky plumber.

This is not one of those books.

Sexy Post Apocalyptic Erotica

Sally Bend’s story begins with transgender themes right from the set up. Stephen loves his partner Brandi, who is a real girl “where it counts”. Both live in a plague ridden part of the world. What disaster caused it is not mentioned. However, what is made clear is that governing powers of a church do not care for people who live in the ruins and wastelands.

Stephan has a mission: astronomical events make it possible to visit the Beast, who can cure their diseases. This sets Stephen on a journey through a mysteriously destroyed wasteland, where he encounters a tentacle monsters and sex workers. This section of the story reminded me of the Dark Tower.

Transformation Carries the Cure

The story climaxes with Stephan encountering the beast. The scene includes hucow, submission, and deliciously lewd play with cum. Yet the part I loved most about the scene was how the gender transformation worked. Sally Bend evokes surprise, confusion, and submission at nearly every line. In fact, the transformation is so fluid that one is swept up in the process and left wondering what gender the beast is to begin with. Calling the beast a futanari seems inadequate here. Maybe the beast is a complete shifter instead.

So thanks for the recommendation, Sally. I enjoyed the story.

About the Author

Sally Bend is a queer reviewer, editor, and author of LGBTQIA books. Although shy and polite (she is, after all, Canadian), she loves the bold and boisterous expression of stories that bend the binaries of gender and sexuality.

A lover of fetish futa, feminization, femdom, and fantasy, she is most content confined in a collar and corset. Oh, and she tends to have a love of alliteration, in case you haven’t noticed!

When she’s not curled up somewhere with a book and a bottle of Coke Zero, Sally can be found online at





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