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Greetings Deviants

My name is Jocelyn, author of kinky and magical erotic fiction.

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This website is for lover’s of Futanari sex, mind control, domination, exhibitionism, lesbianism, and some of sexy fan fiction. Erotic Horror is included here, so buyer beware!

“Contracts of Skin” a Futanari Horror Story

Contracts of Skin is demonic mind control erotica, which I will release in short sections over the course of 2020.

An aristocratic college freshmen must be the next member of her family to join the Sorority her ancestor founded. She will do anything, obey anything, and suffer anything to be one of the Omega girls. How else can she be worthy of her family’s empire?

No sexual humiliation hazing is too much. She is determined to take it.  Yet through the initiation, sanity and safety slowly slip away. The Omega girls take her to a strange chapel to practice even stranger rituals. Once there, the succubus behind the legendary sorority greets her with terrifying sensuality. This nameless succubus has plans for the aristocratic sorority girl, and taking control of her mind is only the beginning.

Published Stories

I have been writing erotica since about 2015. Stories can be found on on the Works page. Enjoy!

About Me

I’m a college educated, intellectual, progressive advocating for everything from polyamory to UBI. I can’t get enough of this absurd universe. Other interests? You may see me at goth club, a ren faire, or kettlebell class.

… and I’m happily partnered. Not looking for more.

Fascists and their (oblivious) allies not welcome here.