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Wickedly Reviewed: Freminized by my Futa Professor (part 1) by Camila Blaire

One futanari professor needs to bend a student over her desk already, but first…

First time Feminization in Present tense

I will  start this book with a slightly tangential confession: I normally can’t read first person present tense narration. Such as, Jocelyn writes a review right now and wonders if she’s really only brainstorming. She decides to continue writing anyway. Many people enjoy the review and share it. Camila Blaire’s book Feminized by my Futa Professor, is one of the few that kept my interest. So with that silly aside out of the way, here’s the sexy book.

Get To Know Objectification

The story begins with Brian, a cis-male who seeks an independent study on the subject of Gender Studies with the infamous Dr. Courtney Kinsey. She enters in yoga pants, and still intimidates. Keeping with the theme of the story, Dr. Kinsey expects Brian to understand what it feels like to be objectified.

Yet it’s clear that Brian is ready to accept whatever stern, alternative teaching messages that Dr. Kinsey has ready for him. Even if it means accepting the slow transformation, including disorienting visions of Dr. Courtney Kinsey completely nude and showing revealing her lady dick.

Brian, finds himself changed after the first session.

Get To Know the Female Orgasm

That then, is the main kink of this story. Brain, a college aged intellectual who is curious about gender, becomes a woman. The futanari makes an appearance, and only that. She’s quite the tease for future stories, one that sets up a squeal.

In this story, we spend time with feminized Brain, who is for the first time in his life finds himself getting objectified. Furthermore, she has little to know control over his new sexual urges, including a several hour masturbation session. Is this because she’s literally just discovered what it’s like to be a woman? Or is it because Dr. Courtney Kinsey’s influence? That’s anyone’s guess.

It’s not too long until feminized Brain takes her first cock into his mouth either.

Courtney’s Feminization Plans?

The only thing I can say, is that Brian is Dr. Kinsey’s first victim or first guinea pig, depending on how you look at it. Either way Dr. Kinsey is in a detached, dominant, position relative to hapless, horny, Brian. She’s enjoyed dressing her student up, and even giving him instructions on which pronouns to use.

But she hasn’t penetrated him yet. I hope to see some of that in part 2.


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