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Sharis is a futanari succubus on her way to her sorority’s first big party. Her futa nature is no secret to Lucy, who won’t keep her hands -or lips- to herself during the car ride. That’s only the start of Lucy’s impulsive exhibitionism. She shags a guy before the entire party. It excites Sharis and she wishes she could be that bold.

But Lucy is whipped, disciplined, and humiliated when upper-class members disapprove. Worse, someone recorded her little show and is blackmailing the entire sorority. When seduction isn’t enough to catch a blackmailer, the sorority turns to Sharis and her supernatural abilities. She makes a dubious deal with another, more powerful, hell-born vixen to save the sorority’s reputation.

10k words of supernatural, college coed erotica, with a futa on female, humiliation, and exhibitionism scenes. Book continues the story of Demon Futa Joins the Sorority

Reviews:Reed James on Naughty Lady Publications wrote:

Sharis, a futa succubus, belongs to a sorority that loves to get wild. Thanks to her futa influences, they have found their own side-business, making money with their bodies. But when one of their members, Lisa, gets too wild at a party and has sex for all to see, the sorority is in jeopardy.

One of the people attending the party recorded it and are blackmailing the sorority. Their reputation will be ruined unless they pay thousands of dollars. Sharis, feeling guilty because her futa seed helped to drive Lisa wild, wants to do anything to ensure that the tape is recovered.

Even if it means summoning a futa demon to do it!

Demon Futa Takes Revenge is the start of a new series of futa stories that continue from Sharis’s awakening in a previous series. But Saragona does a great job getting you caught up on the details to read this tale without it.

And this tale is a lot of fun. The girls of Sharis’s are wild. Her futa seed empowers the girls, making them sexy and irresistible. So she has plenty of chances to use it. While the sex scenes could be a little more fleshed out, there are a lot of them and varied from oral, exhibitionism, voyeurism, to hot menage with two sexy futas!

If you’re a fan of futas, check out Saragona’s growing adventures of the Succubus in the Sorority! You will not be disappointed in the naughty fun Sharis and her extra bit get into!

I give this book 4.5 of 5 magical cum! At $2.99, ‘Demon Futa Takes Revenge’ will summon a naughty futa to drive your eReader wild! You can buy it at Amazon!

Check out Jocelyn Saragona’s Amazon Author Page for more futa erotica, like her Facebook page, and follow her on twitter @lafemmesaragona.

Kara on Goodreads wrote:

“Demon Futa takes Revenge (Succubus in the Sorority Book 1)” is a surprisingly entertaining story…yes…there’s an actual story in this sexcapade.

Pledge Lucy makes the mistake of publicly having sex (with a guy) for free, and the sorority is blackmailed with a video of the encounter. Sharis to the rescue! She summons a true immortal succubus (Jacquette) to take care of things. Ahh….but the succubus wants a mortal plaything in return as payment. Sharis agrees to the deal, and as is the custom when two succubi reach an agreement, they share a human. Lucy is quite happy to volunteer for this task!

These futa stories are definitely something different (!), but the story really works here. Plus, as aggressive as the sex is, it’s consensual and very hot! 4.25*; don’t read this anywhere someone can look over at your Kindle screen!!