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Shy, studious Sharis accidentally transformed herself into a winged, Futanari succubus. Now in college, she has to keep it hidden or what will people think? But then she meets sexy, aggressive -- and irresistible -- Addison. After a hot lesbian make out session, Addison invites Sharis to pledge with her sorority. Sharis is nervous at the invitation, but thrilled at its prospects. She and other pledges enter the house for weekend of initiation, instruction and without exits. All is great until a dominant sister commands Sharis to strip and give up her clothes right along with the other pledges. How will Sharis keep her futa nature a secret and comply with the humiliating demands of her sorority’s big sisters?

Reviews:Kara on Goodreads wrote:

“Demon Futa joins the Sorority (Demon Futa Series Book 2)” is actually the first book featuring the characters from the “Succubus in the Sorority” seres.

As good as the first story in that series was, I was looking forward to this prequel to find out how Sharis became a demon futa girl succubus, and how she became part of the sorority. There are parts of it that are quite funny:

I Found the Invocation of the Succubus. It said if recited under your zodiac sign you could change and become like ‘those who entrap men as Delilah did Samson’ and ‘make women as lustful as Potiphar’s wife.’ Me, as a dumb awkward teenage girl, thought it might be the best way to get a date.

Why yes, that seems pretty reasonable!

Well, Sharis is introduced to the joys of lesbian sex, and she’s quite the hit when they notice that she now sports a “girl cock” when particularly aroused. Sharis enjoys, and is enjoyed by, her big sister and fellow pledges, and is then introduced to one of the sorority’s “clients”. At the end, Sharis observes that:
I had just had sex with ‘a client’ and apparently I was worth a big stack of cash. It didn’t make me feel dirty. It made me feel proud.

So, yes…shy studious Sharis has indeed adapted quickly to not only having a ‘girl cock’, and to being in a lesbian sorority, but to being a call girl too! And they say college is a time of change!

“Demon Futa joins the Sorority (Demon Futa Series Book 2)” doesn’t have quite as interesting a plot as did the first of the Succubus in the Sorority books; this book leans more toward the pwp books often found in KU. I’ll rate this one 3*.

Walker Long on Goodreads wrote:

Clearly the point of this story is to deliver erotic scenes. And boy does it deliver! The sex scenes are detailed, intense, and varied. The main character, Sharis, is a college co-ed with a secret -- when she gets aroused she grows a fully functional penis. She pledges a sorority, where they naturally have hazing rituals involving lots and lots of girl-on-girl action. Excitement ensues. Sharis is the Demon Futa from the title, of course. But while she is certainly magical, she's not really demonic. She's more sweet and cute. Not that I'm complaining -- it makes her adventures all the more exciting. All around this is a story that is light on plot but strong on erotic imagery. Lots of fun! And I should note that I received a copy of this book in exchange for this honest review.