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Revenge on the Nerd

Silk Rope Kitty is a kinky cam girl selling her hottest solo scenes online. It’s competitive work, but she needs the money for that computer science degree. Her fit boyfriend loves to restrain her, and they love to be watched -at least on their own terms. When a stealth robot spies on their most intimate moments, the two confront the nerd who made it -an awkward vegetarian who needs to pull his life together.

Silk Rope Kitty won’t pity the guy, but she will extract tribute in humiliation, pain, and obedience from him. She’s never dominated like that before. Maybe a overpowering a random guy is just the thing to send her to the top list of the cam girl community.

This is a novella length sex story for fans of bondage, male humiliation, and exhibitionism. Scenes included ball gag fucking, cock and ball torture, and rope bondage.