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A Glory Hole Story

Talented Amanda stretches her voice in a lonely practice room. Hours go by and her friends party, drink, and fuck. Even on weekends, Amanda must drive strangers who have more fun than her. It's a meager living, but it's college right? Her only release is her vibrator, and don't call her a slut for it either.

Her roommate, Courtney, lives in sex overdrive: she pleases her professor sugar daddy. She also pleases strangers through a glory hole. Now, she's inviting her roommate to join in the excitement -and the profits- of sucking anonymous cocks.

That's a wild and dangerous life. Yet Amanda can earn only so much driving drunks around. If she's honest, that vibrator isn't satisfying her anyway. What could wrong? Maybe Amanda should be he next hot student, improving her oral sex skills on a dozens of dicks. No one has to know, and the drunks can find another driver.