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Complete Series

In England, Audrey’s naughty college days abroad are ending, but she’s still on the prowl. Miriam, a shy musician, falls for her seductions in a steamy first time lesbian locker room encounter. Audrey can’t stop herself there. Under her dominance, Miriam explores her sexuality everywhere from bedrooms to cab rides. Miriam grows more brazen each day. The two can’t wait to let loose and be seen at an exclusive swinger’s club.

But Miriam’s past with the wrong guy is catching up with her. A jealous ex is ready to dash Miriam’s dreams for this club. It’s up to Miriam and her new friends to overcome his bullying.

This complete bundle is a 21k-word character driven erotic novella containing Bi-Curious Abroad parts 1, 2, and 3. Each section is narrated by one of three bisexual college women. It contains graphic descriptions of lesbian sexual encounters, group encounters with a man, and hedonistic exhibitionism. If that excites you, than this book is for you.

Reviews:Trina on Goodreads wrote:

A nice sexy read that made me giggle right as it's making my boy shorts wet.... lol
It just had some editing issues here and there nothing to get your panties in a bunch

Elizabeth McGlone on Goodreads wrote:

A really fun, sexy read. I wish there was a way to give half stars, because that is what this really deserves. The story is great, the different characters and points of view original. Especially good, in my opinion, was the dynamic between Miriam and Audrey, and how the shy girl learned to freely express her sexuality. I look forward to more!