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I take charge during sex. I take control of my girl to tease the boys. They heard us on the flight. But I’m not in charge when the storms strand us at the airport. It’s going to last all night. My girl has a cabin and there’s a box of toys for us to play with. We want a man too, but what guy will play the way I demand?

She’s into one hot guy from our class trip. A guy who is into me and thinks he can get me in bed to impress his buddies. He doesn’t know what he’s in for. He’s going to be our little subservient playmate. If I win this bet, he’s all mine. If I lose… No, I won’t lose. There’s no way I’m losing any more control tonight.

This is a 15k word novella of character driven sensuality. Contains graphic descriptions of a menage romance led by a domineering young woman.

Reviews:Jeanna Pride on wrote:

Audrey is sexy and in control and you should read.

I bought this story because I love strong female characters in my erotica stories—stories where the women are in charge, and the men (and other women) submit themselves. I especially like stories, where masculine men—men whose normal place in life is in roles of control and leadership—find themselves in service to a strong and sexy woman. I was not disappointed. Although i must say, my days in the college greek system were nothing like these, unfortunately.

Audrey is an unquestionably sexy heroine, a caring and loving mistress who, is clearly in control of this situation. I found that I enjoyed all the characters, and found them to be believable and sexy and full of life.

The sex is fun and well written and sure to get you breathing hard and the story is fun and fulfilling and leaves you ready for the next chapter in the story.

I recommend to anyone who likes a little female domination play to read this little story.