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Artist Collaboration with Sketch Lanza!

 NSFW Illustrations only please

My favorite part about the internet are the dick picks sent to my inbox. My other favorite part of the internet is kinky hentai art. I don’t actually like the first thing. If you send me a dick pick, it better be some high quality vector art!

Authors Need Avatars

Since I began writing erotica years ago, I needed a NSFW author avatar of my own. Sure, I had a pretty hot illustration for years, but it wasn’t mine. Yet my own visual art greatness goes only far as picking colors for background gradients.

Scouring the forums of Hentai Foundry, I found a NSFW co-conspirator. The artist, Sketch Lanza, answered my first e-mail quickly. Within twenty four hours, he had a basic sketch that we agreed on. Then, I had a the perfect illustration two weeks later.

Oh, did I mention Sketch Lanza also made sure I had a transparent .png to use? That way, I could resize, change backgrounds, and do all that wonderful stuff for my own sites.

Fast, Cheap, Good

I’ve needed this illustrations for years. But you know what? We all know about the rules of “Fast, Cheap, Good.” You can only pick two. I will never not choose “Good.” Furthermore, this blog is only stretching its wings, so I went with “cheap”.

Two weeks was perfect, honestly. Now, my new Avatar has replaced my old one everywhere, from Hentai-Foundry, Amazon Author page, to my anticipated Patreon.

Thanks for the Art, Sketch Lanza! I hope to check in with you again as Contracts of Skin needs more art.

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