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A Succubus Meets her Meal’s Super Nice Mom

I wrote this one during the pandemic from an online writing prompt. Enjoy.

I entered. I charmed. I did the girl on top position because I like it when their eyes roll in the back of their heads as they eject their cum. Even more, I love seeing their veins turn blue, then purple, then glow as I siphon vitality from them…. all the while they smile and say things like “I love you so much baby…” or other clumsy talk like that.

And this pandemic? Best thing ever. Everyone is lonely as hell, disconnected, and living like livestock in isolated boxes. No more drama when I pick up a guy from a bar and then run into an angry girlfriend -or even boyfriend!- when I hunt in the same spot later! Nope, everything is good. I could even sleep against my naked human pet for the night.

I do love snuggles!

At least that’s how it went when I snuggled against my twenty-seven or so odd guy in a house in Glendale. He woke up looking famished, pale, and moaning.

“Hello baby,” he purred.

“Hi handsome,” I said. “Nice snuggling. I need a shower. Can you stand up?”

“uhhh… wait.. how did we…?”

I covered his lips with a kiss, exuding life back into him, and reactivating my charm over him. A bit of color turned back into his skin. I rolled out of bed.

“I need a shower. Then you will make me food. With coffee. I take half a teaspoon of sugar.”

“Breakfast, yeah… good.” He said. He stumbled out of that queen size bed of his, and I walked away into the master shower. Bathing off the night’s grime, I contemplated the old days of fucking a man to death and being done with it. It was a simple era, for a wilder time. Now, it was the decision of the infernal conclave that such ravenous consumption be avoided because the exposure risk was too high. Manservants were better than mancorpses too. Although it is still frowned upon to enter into relationships with humans. That also would increase risk of discovery.

So I did want most succubus did. Hunt. Fuck. Eat sustainably. Disappear the next morning leaving a man with nothing but a backache and a memory of some wild dreams. I’ll have him eat me out before I say goodbye and put him to bed again.

“Oh, what do you mean you have a guest?” A matronly, happy voice called out from downstairs. I Froze. Dammit. No. We can’t be discovered. We know what happens in the old days when we get discovered. I had to play it cool.

I came down in a borrowed bathrobe with my hair slightly damp. Before me walked in my previous night’s meal’s mother. She looked in her 50s, wearing a covid mask, carrying in groceries in one arm, and leading the sweetest-looking chocolate lab I’d seen in ages. The dog’s happy hopping stopped when he saw me. It didn’t growl but it got in between mom and me.

“Hey… I’m Kelsey,” I said. I’d nearly forgotten the name I’d given my food last night.

“Oh my,” she said smirking. “So sorry to come in at such a bad time. I’m Tricia. So nice to meet you!”

She fumbled with the dog leash and proffered her hand. Her handshake came so soothing, as did the cheeky smile she offered as she did. Hmm… I could tell she had been Tommy’s mom. She had the same chin and the same happy glint in her brown eyes. Different hair. Tommy had gotten those dark curls from his dad I guess.

“Oh I feel like I’m intruding,” I said. My words were laced with my charm and watched her eyes. The suggestion would take effect. I need her to let me leave and figure this out. The dog barked. “Maybe I’ll be off in a minute.”

“Oh don’t be silly, I’m not about to see Tommy’s first bit of company in almost three years leave out in nothing but a borrowed bathrobe!” She jeered at me. Wait. Why did she jeer? How could she jeer? “Not with an empty stomach either. So you sit down right over there, and tell me all about yourself.”

“Uhh… not much to say…” I was stunned. I couldn’t figure it out. Charm didn’t work. Was it the dog? I didn’t know.

“Well, how did you two meet?”

“we… uuhhh…” Tommy scratched his head. Confused and bewildered, we couldn’t remember because it hadn’t really happened. I’d drifted through his window like a ghost and took solid form when I was ready to fuck. I can do that because men get charmed easily in their sleep. Shit. That charm could wear off any second.

“Tinder!” I stuttered.

“Yeah… it was Tinder.” nodded Tommy. The dog barked again. At me.

“Oh! Let me get Yannie out back,” said Tricia. It gave me the time I needed to think. As soon as she passed the sliding door, I yanked Tommy by the heft of his morning t-shirt and pressed my mouth to him with a deep, lewd, kiss, and forced my tongue deep into the warm cave of his mouth. I had him as susceptible as a blank lump of clay. I could do anything to him. I could make him do anything and believe anything after that case. This was more than a kiss of enthrallment. This was the kiss of enslavement. In the old days, we’d wipe a man of anything except his willingness to fuck us or fight for us… but I couldn’t do that. It would break his mom’s heart.

“Tommy,” I said. “You with me?”

“Yes… I love you baby… so much,” he began.

“Alright, Tommy. Let’s start a story. I’m going to tell you how we met.”

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