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Quarantine in Los Angeles: Where Would You Be Right now?

In the years before the lonely apocalypse, I expressed my love of leather in the form of corsets, boots, chokers and everything I would wear to the Southern California Ren Faire. As you surely know, coming weekends are canceled. For we have all sworn oaths of solitude until this plague passes over us. We are left to only listen to the prophets in our podcasts denounce our rulers like the prophets of Israel decried their kings.


Were I at the Ren Faire, I’d probably spend all my money on pewter things again. Yes, I have problem. It’s pretty much the only material I love as much as leather. Now, don’t tell me it has lead in it because it bloody well doesn’t. The Pewter-smiths of Fellowship Foundry swear it. I have at least a dozen articles of pewter jewelry but my biggest manic splurge ever was this:

Fellowship Foundry

In my defense, I didn’t spend all the money for these. My primary and I split the cost, naturally. We came upon this pair shortly after we realized we’d been together for a year and half. Day jobs, Los Angeles housing, and honestly our preferences have kept us in living separately. Nonetheless our fun glasses have never failed to entertain when we share nights together.

The first weekend we had them we watched a train wreck in slow motion. Neither of us had seen any episodes of Game of Thrones season eight yet. Our pirate glasses remained ever full as we mourned and drank to the wake of our favorite show. Another time, we brought our glasses to a our first Dungeons and Dragons table top night (again, in the before time), and sipped red wine as if it was the blood of the enemies in which we trampled upon (I played a Barbarian. Deal with it).

Now? Well thanks to quarantine we still raise glasses to another, toasting through digital screens as we play remote games or simply catch up on our new hermit reality. We hope for our beloved Ren Faire next year.

As always small business vendors suffer the worst right now. So please, raise glass, take a shot, drink some ale for Fellowship Foundry.

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