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Students Servicing Strangers

A Glory Hole Story

Talented Amanda stretches her voice in a lonely practice room. Hours go by and her friends party, drink, and fuck. Even on weekends, Amanda must drive strangers who have more fun than her. It's a meager living, but it's college right? Her only release is her vibrator, and don't call her a slut for it either.

Her roommate, Courtney, lives in sex overdrive: she pleases her professor sugar daddy. She also pleases strangers through a glory hole. Now, she's inviting her roommate to join in the excitement -and the profits- of sucking anonymous cocks.

That's a wild and dangerous life. Yet Amanda can earn only so much driving drunks around. If she's honest, that vibrator isn't satisfying her anyway. What could wrong? Maybe Amanda should be he next hot student, improving her oral sex skills on a dozens of dicks. No one has to know, and the drunks can find another driver.

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Demon Futa’s Wild Winter

Addison’s the alpha-female sorority coed and keeps a demon futanari pledge at her beck and call. Their passionate encounters with other women are always hot, and winter break will be hotter.

Their friend Meghan, who can’t get enough futa in her, knows of an abandoned church summer camp with a dirty secret: a magical futa nymph. Even the purist college church members gave in to the nymph’s invitation to a muddy outdoor celebration of a salaciousness. Trespassers beware: some church patriarchs aren’t happy with the camp’s rumored history of deviancy and corruption.

Addison has duties to her sorority, but this temptation is too irresistible. She works her wiles at Meghan’s church, recovers a secret map, and her group of casual lovers are off to lose their clothes in the snow.

This is 22k word novella.

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Futanari serves her Sorority

Succubus futanari Sharis works as an escort like the rest of her sorority. Between classwork, clients, and the sorority’s domination sessions, Sharis almost never sleeps! She’s even been with her history professor’s wife -and she’s worried that he knows. Soon, the sorority offers anal sex to their service to their rich, regular, clients and Sharis is called on to help train an endless line up of volunteers. Yet her duties conflict with her perfectionist passion for learning, and the only way out is to break the rules. Sharis loves her history professor too much to cheat, but he’ll never accept a late paper either. With pressure at both ends of her life, Sharis might fail an important class or offend her awesome sorority; and neither option looks good to her right now.

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The Coed’s First Futa

Meghan is one tough, kick-boxing evangelical coed conflicted about her lust. Her purity ring tells her one thing. Her make outs with a her hot trainer tell her another. Only vigorous work outs keep her sexual cravings in check. That backfires when Meghan catches her exhibitionist sorority friend having getting fucked by a futanari in the locker room. After that unbelievably steamy encounter, Meghan’s unexpected lesbian cravings won’t go away. But who can she talk about it? Her judgmental accountability partner at church?

Meghan finds the sexiest Halloween costume ever -if only it will make her brave enough for her first time, and before long she must decide who her real friends are.

Reviews:Kara on Goodreads wrote:

The Coed's First Futa (Succubus in the Sorority Book 2) continues the sapphic adventures of once-human, now-futa Sharis, and her sorority sisters.

New MC Meghan is conflicted.
It’s better to exercise. Yes, that keeps me from getting all lustful.

There were two types of daughters of ministry: hedonistic rebellion kids, and perfect kids.

Meghan’s classmates Sharis and Addison convince her that since she’s straight, some fun lesbian activity wouldn’t technically count as sex. Oh my….the things people can believe!! Well, of course, there’s also that whole “girl cock” and wings that Sharis sports, so perhaps it’s reasonable for Meghan to believe the sex rule too.

Meghan’s desperate to get in her boyfriend’s pants, and she’s rather dismayed to find her judgmental friend Leslie has already been there. Ooopsie. Well, Meghan enjoys the halloween party with her new friends. 3.5*; there’s a story once again, but it wasn’t as fun as the first book in the series.

Greg Dixon on Goodreads wrote:

A good read for people who are in to the series recommended highly a enjoyable read but quick shaping up to be a enjoyable series must read the next one of the series

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Demon Futa Takes Revenge

Sharis is a futanari succubus on her way to her sorority’s first big party. Her futa nature is no secret to Lucy, who won’t keep her hands -or lips- to herself during the car ride. That’s only the start of Lucy’s impulsive exhibitionism. She shags a guy before the entire party. It excites Sharis and she wishes she could be that bold.

But Lucy is whipped, disciplined, and humiliated when upper-class members disapprove. Worse, someone recorded her little show and is blackmailing the entire sorority. When seduction isn’t enough to catch a blackmailer, the sorority turns to Sharis and her supernatural abilities. She makes a dubious deal with another, more powerful, hell-born vixen to save the sorority’s reputation.

10k words of supernatural, college coed erotica, with a futa on female, humiliation, and exhibitionism scenes. Book continues the story of Demon Futa Joins the Sorority

Reviews:Reed James on Naughty Lady Publications wrote:

Sharis, a futa succubus, belongs to a sorority that loves to get wild. Thanks to her futa influences, they have found their own side-business, making money with their bodies. But when one of their members, Lisa, gets too wild at a party and has sex for all to see, the sorority is in jeopardy.

One of the people attending the party recorded it and are blackmailing the sorority. Their reputation will be ruined unless they pay thousands of dollars. Sharis, feeling guilty because her futa seed helped to drive Lisa wild, wants to do anything to ensure that the tape is recovered.

Even if it means summoning a futa demon to do it!

Demon Futa Takes Revenge is the start of a new series of futa stories that continue from Sharis’s awakening in a previous series. But Saragona does a great job getting you caught up on the details to read this tale without it.

And this tale is a lot of fun. The girls of Sharis’s are wild. Her futa seed empowers the girls, making them sexy and irresistible. So she has plenty of chances to use it. While the sex scenes could be a little more fleshed out, there are a lot of them and varied from oral, exhibitionism, voyeurism, to hot menage with two sexy futas!

If you’re a fan of futas, check out Saragona’s growing adventures of the Succubus in the Sorority! You will not be disappointed in the naughty fun Sharis and her extra bit get into!

I give this book 4.5 of 5 magical cum! At $2.99, ‘Demon Futa Takes Revenge’ will summon a naughty futa to drive your eReader wild! You can buy it at Amazon!

Check out Jocelyn Saragona’s Amazon Author Page for more futa erotica, like her Facebook page, and follow her on twitter @lafemmesaragona.

Kara on Goodreads wrote:

“Demon Futa takes Revenge (Succubus in the Sorority Book 1)” is a surprisingly entertaining story…yes…there’s an actual story in this sexcapade.

Pledge Lucy makes the mistake of publicly having sex (with a guy) for free, and the sorority is blackmailed with a video of the encounter. Sharis to the rescue! She summons a true immortal succubus (Jacquette) to take care of things. Ahh….but the succubus wants a mortal plaything in return as payment. Sharis agrees to the deal, and as is the custom when two succubi reach an agreement, they share a human. Lucy is quite happy to volunteer for this task!

These futa stories are definitely something different (!), but the story really works here. Plus, as aggressive as the sex is, it’s consensual and very hot! 4.25*; don’t read this anywhere someone can look over at your Kindle screen!!

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Demon Futa joins the Sorority

Shy, studious Sharis accidentally transformed herself into a winged, Futanari succubus. Now in college, she has to keep it hidden or what will people think? But then she meets sexy, aggressive -- and irresistible -- Addison. After a hot lesbian make out session, Addison invites Sharis to pledge with her sorority. Sharis is nervous at the invitation, but thrilled at its prospects. She and other pledges enter the house for weekend of initiation, instruction and without exits. All is great until a dominant sister commands Sharis to strip and give up her clothes right along with the other pledges. How will Sharis keep her futa nature a secret and comply with the humiliating demands of her sorority’s big sisters?

Reviews:Kara on Goodreads wrote:

“Demon Futa joins the Sorority (Demon Futa Series Book 2)” is actually the first book featuring the characters from the “Succubus in the Sorority” seres.

As good as the first story in that series was, I was looking forward to this prequel to find out how Sharis became a demon futa girl succubus, and how she became part of the sorority. There are parts of it that are quite funny:

I Found the Invocation of the Succubus. It said if recited under your zodiac sign you could change and become like ‘those who entrap men as Delilah did Samson’ and ‘make women as lustful as Potiphar’s wife.’ Me, as a dumb awkward teenage girl, thought it might be the best way to get a date.

Why yes, that seems pretty reasonable!

Well, Sharis is introduced to the joys of lesbian sex, and she’s quite the hit when they notice that she now sports a “girl cock” when particularly aroused. Sharis enjoys, and is enjoyed by, her big sister and fellow pledges, and is then introduced to one of the sorority’s “clients”. At the end, Sharis observes that:
I had just had sex with ‘a client’ and apparently I was worth a big stack of cash. It didn’t make me feel dirty. It made me feel proud.

So, yes…shy studious Sharis has indeed adapted quickly to not only having a ‘girl cock’, and to being in a lesbian sorority, but to being a call girl too! And they say college is a time of change!

“Demon Futa joins the Sorority (Demon Futa Series Book 2)” doesn’t have quite as interesting a plot as did the first of the Succubus in the Sorority books; this book leans more toward the pwp books often found in KU. I’ll rate this one 3*.

Walker Long on Goodreads wrote:

Clearly the point of this story is to deliver erotic scenes. And boy does it deliver! The sex scenes are detailed, intense, and varied. The main character, Sharis, is a college co-ed with a secret -- when she gets aroused she grows a fully functional penis. She pledges a sorority, where they naturally have hazing rituals involving lots and lots of girl-on-girl action. Excitement ensues. Sharis is the Demon Futa from the title, of course. But while she is certainly magical, she's not really demonic. She's more sweet and cute. Not that I'm complaining -- it makes her adventures all the more exciting. All around this is a story that is light on plot but strong on erotic imagery. Lots of fun! And I should note that I received a copy of this book in exchange for this honest review.

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Bi Curious Abroad

Complete Series

In England, Audrey’s naughty college days abroad are ending, but she’s still on the prowl. Miriam, a shy musician, falls for her seductions in a steamy first time lesbian locker room encounter. Audrey can’t stop herself there. Under her dominance, Miriam explores her sexuality everywhere from bedrooms to cab rides. Miriam grows more brazen each day. The two can’t wait to let loose and be seen at an exclusive swinger’s club.

But Miriam’s past with the wrong guy is catching up with her. A jealous ex is ready to dash Miriam’s dreams for this club. It’s up to Miriam and her new friends to overcome his bullying.

This complete bundle is a 21k-word character driven erotic novella containing Bi-Curious Abroad parts 1, 2, and 3. Each section is narrated by one of three bisexual college women. It contains graphic descriptions of lesbian sexual encounters, group encounters with a man, and hedonistic exhibitionism. If that excites you, than this book is for you.

Reviews:Trina on Goodreads wrote:

A nice sexy read that made me giggle right as it's making my boy shorts wet.... lol
It just had some editing issues here and there nothing to get your panties in a bunch

Elizabeth McGlone on Goodreads wrote:

A really fun, sexy read. I wish there was a way to give half stars, because that is what this really deserves. The story is great, the different characters and points of view original. Especially good, in my opinion, was the dynamic between Miriam and Audrey, and how the shy girl learned to freely express her sexuality. I look forward to more!

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Audrey’s in Control

Complete Work

I take charge during sex. I take control of my girl to tease the boys. They heard us on the flight. But I’m not in charge when the storms strand us at the airport. It’s going to last all night. My girl has a cabin and there’s a box of toys for us to play with. We want a man too, but what guy will play the way I demand?

She’s into one hot guy from our class trip. A guy who is into me and thinks he can get me in bed to impress his buddies. He doesn’t know what he’s in for. He’s going to be our little subservient playmate. If I win this bet, he’s all mine. If I lose… No, I won’t lose. There’s no way I’m losing any more control tonight.

This is a 15k word novella of character driven sensuality. Contains graphic descriptions of a menage romance led by a domineering young woman.

Reviews:Jeanna Pride on wrote:

Audrey is sexy and in control and you should read.

I bought this story because I love strong female characters in my erotica stories—stories where the women are in charge, and the men (and other women) submit themselves. I especially like stories, where masculine men—men whose normal place in life is in roles of control and leadership—find themselves in service to a strong and sexy woman. I was not disappointed. Although i must say, my days in the college greek system were nothing like these, unfortunately.

Audrey is an unquestionably sexy heroine, a caring and loving mistress who, is clearly in control of this situation. I found that I enjoyed all the characters, and found them to be believable and sexy and full of life.

The sex is fun and well written and sure to get you breathing hard and the story is fun and fulfilling and leaves you ready for the next chapter in the story.

I recommend to anyone who likes a little female domination play to read this little story.

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Demon Futa does Vegas

A Vegas comic-con attracts Vianne, a succubus futanari with an appetite for mortal sin. Her obedient thrall Morgan, once shy, has become an irresistible sex kitten herself. Vianne proudly watches her thrall seduce men, though she can’t satiate herself second hand action alone. She enjoys a reckless group tousle with a club girl and another futa.

Later, Vianne helps Morgan seduce her long time crush, but it backfires. This man is the other futa’s territory. After accidentally enthralling him, Vianne must break off the spell or face a rival futa’s wrath.

This is quick and fun 9,000 word story with two futas enjoying both men and women.

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Changed Into the Demon Futa

Jasmine is the naughtiest of the crew on this cruise. She enjoys hook-ups with a ship officer and lesbian encounters with her bunkmate. But she still wants more: when a sensual woman offers her handsome, submissive, boyfriend, as a play partner, Jasmine falls recklessly for the mysterious couple. The next morning, Jasmine wakes up as a futanari and is freaked out enough to hide it. Yet she can’t stop the urge to have sex like futas do. Before this voyage is over, Jasmine will get it on with her bunkmate, some bikini clad passengers, and even a few lucky men. Now if only someone will tell her what she is turning into and why.

This is a 13k word supernatural erotic story. It describes Futa on female and ends with futanari having group action with men and women.

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